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Illuminatetheatre is a non-profit and multidisciplinary creative lab where experimental artistic projects are created. As a collective of professional theatre for young people, it was established with the purpose of making a new statement in the African cultural sector with dynamic innovative art projects in public spaces. We make do with a unique style of storytelling that engages, educates and provokes the audience. We have agreed to work together as a team for the purpose of creating a space to share, teach, acquire, implement and create community development art projects. 
Through exploitation of body memory, daily sound archive, voices, texts and infusion of simple but unusual materials, we create mouth-watering art pieces which convey socio-political messages with a valid sense of sensitivity and aesthetics.  
As a collective, we are committed to reinventing, recreating, developing and establishing a new form of performance-approach. From our basic knowledge of African traditional ways of engaging the public, we are working towards integrating it in a contemporary artistic approach. Our works in public spaces cut across national and global boundaries.

What we do

 Since inception, our collective has continually regrouped young people from the slums of Lagos considered to be hoodlums, reorientate them, monitor, and work with them to create artistic projects. We invest our time to develop the talents and skills in the field of performance art. This effort promotes them, connect and exposes them to more empowerment opportunities. While they tell their stories, we work with them to create artistic projects. These projects are then shown in public spaces. We aim to keep using artworks as a weapon to reconstruct social values. We appreciate the importance of cultural activities, that is why all through our years of operation, we have funded our collective projects with private money and depended on the financial benevolence of our partners and friends. Honestly, this hasn't been easy. We seek your financial support to able to keep up with this good work. 


OUR skills 

​Experimental Research Art projects
Dance and Drama Workshops and Traning
Silkscreen Printing

Short film
Performance Directing 
Engaging the community 
Creating alternative spaces for education and Decolinization




No, 33 Obadiah Street off Community Road, Akoka, Yaba. Lagos, Nigeria.
Mobile: +234 703 3205 200
Karl-Marx-Straße 282, 12057 Berlin
+49 152 10596839

Instagram: Illuminatetheatre
Facebook: Illuminatetheatre

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