MAN'STER is a multimedia dance performance responding to manhood as a social phenomenon. The piece explores masculinity from a diverse perspective. It highlights male dominance in the context of power manipulation in politics, social affairs and pays strict attention to his cultural representation.


There will be live music as well as live silk screen printing on bags for taking home. The entrance is free but you have to pay a token to get the bags.


About the Artist
Uche Enechukwu is a multidisciplinary artist who got his artistic training from Crown Troupe of Africa. After many years of training, he went ahead to co-found illuminatetheatre productions where he currently serves as the project manager. In his words, dance is a tool for communication, intellectual engagements and a weapon for social and developmental construction. He graduated from the University of Lagos where he studied Business Administration.

Illuminatetheatre productions wish to announce to you Our new project what if? A project in

partnership with Goethe Institut, Arthouse Foundation and The Treehouse, an experimental

film collage and a live performance by Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, in collaboration with Victoria


In 2018, Ojudun Taiwo Jacob was selected as an artist residency for the Goethe

Institut/Arthouse Foundation residency exchange program between Lagos and Berlin, titled

" Unsustainable Privileges" in partnership with Berlin art institutions Galerie Wedding, ZK/U –

Center for Art and Urbanistics and SAVVY Contemporary.

Taiwo works as a performer and choreographer, and he spent three months in Berlin creating

a new artistic project that incorporated dance and film. What If? brings his residency project to

a Lagos audience. The project is based on a decidedly African perspective of the Berlin

Conference (1884-1885) and the exploration of their own colonialist mentality. 



About The Artist

Ojudun Taiwo Jacob is a performance artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He lives and works as a performer, curator, and choreographer. For six years, he collaborated with the Crown Troupe of Africa in Bariga, Lagos where he

received his choreographic and artistic/conceptual training. In 2015, he co-founded Illuminatetheatre

Productions, which he serves as Artistic Director. Taiwo's works are primarily performed in public spaces for

free access to everyone. He adheres the relationship between the African (Nigerian) tradition and the evolving

of the contemporary culture. The blend of both cultures influences his artistic approach. His works are focused

on essentialism and existentialism with a strong belief that art evolves from man's daily encounter. They

portray socio-political issues of his home country and the global village.


Victoria Simone is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. She has a background in documentary film making with

a focus on ecology, sustainability, and environmental racism. Recently she has explored the combination of

surrealism and documentary film. 


IlluminateTheatre Productions is a non-profit and multidisciplinary creative lab based in Lagos, Nigeria, that

works in the field of dance, music, drama and performance art.


No, 33 Obadiah street off Community Road, Akoka, Yaba. Lagos, Nigeria.
Mobile: +234 703 3205 200

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