Is an experimental film collage and live performance work based on a decidedly African perspective on the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, in which Western colonial powers divided the African continent into colonial territories. It plays through a division of geographical Europe and thus demonstrates the high degree of external determination of the procedure. In the performance, there is an enactment of a visibly performed division and reorganization of Europe (Performance; Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, film: Viki Simone; Music: Pete Nattrass and Blue Saloon; Map: Sebastian Loerscher).

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Olugba is a total theatre performance portraying immigration as perceived from our perceptive as Nigerians and how it has affected the global scene. The performance is self-realization and encouragement to African youths to stay in their home country and tackle the moribund situation.




Featuring: Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Oluwu Busayo, Encechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo, Jakob Mache.



Duration: 40 min

Location:  Barriga market Lagos, Nigeria (premiere, 2018)


Is research-based performance primarily concentrated on the trauma, challenges, and struggles of young people, the performance engages different young people from different locations on the streets of Lagos in verbal communication during its inception. While creating this work we navigated into different genres of the regular daily life of a young persons and especially spread across domestic but disturbing issues like sexual assault, feminism, ailment, masculinity, drug abuse featuring: Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo, Enechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo Odiong Kate, Simileoluwa Oyewale, Nifemi Akinde ,Kingsley Okoro).


1:20 Mins


Lagos Dance Gathering, Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Theatre Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
Theatre Republic, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Surulere and Iwaya, Lagos Nigeria


Premiered in Ajeliye compound, Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Book and Art Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
Awca block party, Broad street Lagos, Nigeria

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is a dance piece with high social relevance. The dance piece talks about the struggles of young people growing up in Nigeria, where it was inspired and created. The body movements in this dance piece draw inspiration from daily life experience in Nigeria; surviving in a ghetto, looking for shelter, bumping inside Danfo (minibus), being robbed on your way home, looking for a job after a degree from higher institution … Basically, the performance delves into the current socio-political and economic crisis from the perspective of the performers. The dance piece involves a team of three dancers and two sound artists. It mainly utilizes abstract physical movements with a blend of simple musical instruments (guitar, bell,  gourd gong, empty water bottle…) and, more importantly, the sound created by the performance space( featuring: Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo, Enechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo Nifemi Akinde).


25 Mins



Lagos Dance Gathering, Lagos, Nigeria


TruFesta, Freedom Park, Lagos, Nigeria
Bariga Open Air Festival (BOAT), Lagos, Nigeria
University of Lagos conference Hall, Lagos, Nigeria
Footprints of David Academy Festival (FODAF), Lagos, Nigeria



premiere, Sabo Market, Lagos, Nigeria

Dancing Cities, Lagos, Nigeria

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With an effort to make visible the intimate relationship between theatre, politics, and oppression. Focusing on Nigerian politics. ]

we ask ourselves what could be the reason for our bad political and economic outcome. First, we thought, all Nigerian politicians are bad, terrible people. Meanwhile, we were very wrong, though there are more bad people there are also a couple of good people. The terrifying thing about it is that the number of bad eggs is much that it has outnumbered the good ones. Digging dip,  we dived into the feasible damage of imperialism which automatically transport us into postcolonial era. we see a nation and a race of people who in the name of civilization and westernization abandoned native intelligence and failed to develop but instead have embrace their oppressors. we have created this piece knowing that if we try to fight these well organized and world acclaimed policies, then the most virtual outcome is that’ we may be swallowed by the system which we oppose (Featuring, Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo, Enechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo, Simileoluwa Oyewale, Nifemi Akinde).


9 mins



Bariga Market, Lagos, Nigeria


Premiered at root-top Goethe Institute, Lagos, Nigeria.

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No, 33 Obadiah street off Community Road, Akoka, Yaba. Lagos, Nigeria.
Mobile: +234 703 3205 200
Email: Illuminatetheatre@gmail.com

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