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    • 8:00 - 18:45 Opening ceremony
      18:45 -19:00 Installations: by Club al Hakawati and friends (Borderline Europe, No Name Kitchen, Basta Theatre, Structures for Change, Illuminatetheatre)
      19:00 - 21:00 Performances and installations - Every half hour a new performance in a different place in, in front of and underneath Theater X.
      21:00 - 22:00 Closing ceremony with - music, ice cream and food

      18:00 Stories around the Table: preparing food and sharing exit strategies
      19:30 Writing Workshop mit "Die Wiese" und Club Al-Hakawati
      20:30 Dance Performance
      21/22 Uhr Community Dinner and Music

    • theater_x

      Club al Hakawati (Theater X ensemble) has developed a special edition for you. You don't get a play... you get a whole weekend with: Theater scenes, performance, installations/exhibition, workshop ,food... by Hakawatis and friends (Die Wiese, LU, Borderline Europe, Tra I Binari, Structures for Change).

      Is it possible to change a system of oppression that has its roots in colonial history and the class division of humanity?
      Are there alternatives to the exploitative economic system we live in?

      What EXIT strategies do we have and what is "on the other side"? How can we build a common life?

      Outside of capitalism, Outside of (neo-)colonialism, Outside of nationalism.
      Outside of imperialism

      We are looking for strategies, different perspectives and possibilities.

      Working titles of some contributions are:
      - The art of migration
      - Identity?!?
      - Nigeria's postcolonial climate struggles
      - The bird with the lightning feathers: revolutionary storytelling.
      - Workers for the future: bringing struggles together

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Artistic Direction: should-I-know (Tümay Kılınçel & Cornelius Schaper)
Performance: Emil Ertl
Performance: Patrycja Masłowska
Performance: Taiwo Ojudun Jacob
Light Design: Aslı Atasoy Öner
Music Composition & Sound Design: Rheremita Cera & Tetta
Live Music: Rheremita Cera
Billing: Helena Tsiflidis
Production Assistance: Ceyda Yüksekol
Illustration: Christian Wischnewski
Fotos: Nina Laçin
Video: O-Young Kwon

A production by should-I-know, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR."


Theatre on the move with ILLUMINATETHEATRE

Join us in a 3 days performance tour in Lagos.

Over the years, our collective illuminatetheatre has re-introduced public theatre to public spaces in Nigeria . Our goal is to travel around public spaces around the world, activating activism through performance as our strongest form of resistance. Occupying empty spaces, markets, parks, with our works which counters social and political realities.

theaterx logo.jpg

Theatre X was founded in 2009 under the auspices of the initiative Grenzen-Los! e.V., which practices regional and international artistic exchange with the aim of encouraging young people and young adults in particular to political self-determination. Theater X is a young community theater in Berlin-Moabit that is run jointly by young people and staff. The center of the stage program and the own productions is a critical artistic examination of social conditions from the perspective of marginalized youth. Artistic and operational processes are not considered separately, but are understood as equally important elements for emancipative art production with youth and young adults. With projects such as FESTIWALLA 2011 - 2021, Theatre X intervenes in the elite categorisations of so-called high-culture and socio-cultural forms and has always linked its own community-based artistic productions and actions with social movements.

Activate! - ChoreoXChange on Bodies in the Street with Illuminatetheatre and Structures for Changes


06th March 2021 at 7 pm Berlin / 10am Los Angeles / 1pm Brooklyn and Tallahassee/ and Lagos/ 8 pm Riga


In this Choreo Xchange, we walk our neighborhoods and cityscapes, grounding in the people power where we live and create. Making key “stops” in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Tallahassee, Riga, Berlin, and Lagos, we chart pathways of futurist worlds underway through collectivist projects of bodies in the street. From the krumping cypher to subversive sidewalk gardens, a bail fund to blockades to building takeovers, we map sites of collective memory and brilliant necessity while activating movement stories, protest song, and truth-talking tools. 

(ABC order by first name) 


Aigars Larionovs, Enechukwu Emmanuel Uche, Hannah Schwadron, Jeremy Guyton, Karen Wilson, Kentoria Earle, Mouyyad Al Masri, Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo


Via Zoom-Meeting:



Ojudun Taiwo Jacob in collaboration with Diana Ejaita and Timbiri Winse present a new work *Osumare*a researched based mixed media (video installation, sculpture and live performance) which responds to gender balance in a social gathering according to traditional African beliefs. The project started by investigating the Nigerian (Yoruba) traditional beliefs of equality. Considering the overall view of the thematic today, emphasis are laid on local understanding through interrogation of oral archives to comprehend household knowledge which is an automatic generator that extends into daily social activities. The formation of the process and appearance of behavioural pattern, values, beliefs, social norms, and preferences in social life. Looking into social dynamics, active life and establishment of relationship as influenced by traditional tendencies and social paradigm. Integrating the traditional and contemporary culture as it evolves amongst new generations takes us to *Osumare* which triggers a fundamental gender balance to further emancipate and illuminate cultural hegemony.

art mobile (1).png

Art mobile, Lagos, is a gathering for street performances, rituals, discussions, talks, and discoveries for international literary activists and all kinds of art makers. The goal is to meet, engage, discuss, collaborate, network, teach, inspire, share, interact, create and exchange through workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, and symposiums. The idea was conceptualized from the Nigerian doctrine of Odun which portrays how vital energies are transmitted according to time and season in a communal gathering. 

In this gathering meeting, we shall reflect on internal intuitions upon external structures in a conversation to find meaning to existence. We aspire to bring together artistic encounters into different public spaces in the city of Lagos. It is a nonprofit contemporary art meeting with the primary motivation of initiating a dialogue between academics, intellectuals, artists, other cultural practitioners, and the public to reflect on social and political matters. As a cultural hub, we intend to posit African contemporary art in its highly international purview through the aforementioned activities. The activities which would come in diverse approaches through residencies, research, public programs, and publications will merit adventurous addition to art making and critical discourse. This will lead to the new public interest, reawake mobile and public art, inform and cultivate new local and international audiences, and positively impact the community. The dynamism and complexity of the gathering makes it flexible and mobile in nature, as it will pop up in different public spaces, galleries, markets and exhibition halls in the city of Lagos.

Our Obligation
While attempting to respond to the recurring questions and challenges faced by African communities, art makers and contemporary African art, we have proactively infiltrated a platform for formative cultural events that will influence positive reconstruction. Through cultural exchanges, we want to get more attention to discussions which are global topics today. Our effort we hope may sensitize the African community and create a network in which artistic and public gatherings collide strengths in public spaces to find a solution to human induced phenomenon.

Theme: SOJI
The title was adapted from the Nigerian slang “Wake-up” as used by daily commuters on the streets of Lagos. The cosmopolitan mega city with her energetic vibes gives birth to such provocative words that inspire her inhabitants to survive her daily hustle, bustle and tussle. We have decided to meditate on this public contemporary history to fabricate an awareness of African communities.
During the gathering we will consciously bring us back to the past while we fast forward to the present in the context of post-colonialism and the significance of African contemporary art in its communities. Africa is confronted with the wits of colonial strength. The social environment of the continent is highly inflated by the disguise of assimilation policies. The nations which were colonies are now culturally engaged with the droplets of colonialist mentality, language, food, mode of dressing, music, religion etc. A virtual proof of colonial heritage. History, culture and traditional experiences determine our political and social environment. However, African contemporary art has integrated and materialized over time with the relationship between the historical and the current vision. This relationship leads us to the future. 

SOJI, our theme for this year, is a connection between history, vision and essence of art in African contemporary society. Taking into consideration how other creatives, artists and communities are responding to the possibilities, challenges and sustainability of art in postcolonial communities. Our idea comes from incorporating Hubert Ogunde and Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed which reflects on political and social realities of the period when socio-political practices influence existence. We have decided to activate the relative of culture and politics as interpreted by the two artistic pedigrees. The connectivity and influence of both artistic approaches has helped us to develop this new form. Furthermore, SOJI is a clarion call to neocolonialism and rationalization of the significance of art in modern societies. The integration of history and culture has transformed every community. This is fundamental to the interpretation of the art. It is an ardent phenomenon and recurring matter of discussion for us as we fall in between the intellectual and creative space and social public gatherings. We will facilitate the gathering as a thought provoking mechanism intended to raise questions about such consequences and establish this relationship needed. This integration between our international congregation will open our discourse from a multi-continental perspective and assemble optional possibilities of sustainability of contemporary African art and


Chaos is a multimedia dance piece that explores the anthropocentric views of humanity. It posits how the balance we sort for becomes imbalance within the same system we hope to change in the presence of constant assessment. The dance piece view life in a developing state checks the designed human politics, questions choices, and exhibits its ripple effect on societal and global boundaries.


It is as a metaphor to reach out to persons, collectives, organizations and systems about the damage they have caused humanity in the process of meeting an end which presently is destroying the human epoch and the present state of nature. 

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received_1240108649525056 (1).jpeg


is a multimedia dance performance responding to manhood as a social phenomenon. It explores masculinity from a diverse perspective. The performance highlights male dominance in the context of power manipulation in politics, social affairs and pays strict attention to his cultural representation.


It is an experimental film collage and live performance work based on a decidedly African perspective on the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, in which Western colonial powers divided the African continent into colonial territories. It plays through a division of geographical Europe and thus demonstrates the high degree of external determination of the procedure. In the performance, there is an enactment of a visibly performed division and reorganization of Europe (Performance; Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, film: Viki Simone; Music: Pete Nattrass and Blue Saloon; Map: Sebastian Loerscher).

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Olugba is a total theatre performance portraying immigration as perceived from our perceptive as Nigerians and how it has affected the global scene. The performance is self-realization and encouragement to African youths to stay in their home country and tackle the moribund situation.

Featuring: Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Oluwu Busayo, Encechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo, Jakob Mache.

Duration: 40 min

Location:  Barriga market Lagos, Nigeria (premiere, 2018)



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is a research-based performance primarily concentrated on the trauma, challenges, and struggles of young people, the performance engages different young people from different locations on the streets of Lagos in verbal communication during its inception. While creating this work we navigated into different genres of the regular daily life of young persons and especially spread across domestic but disturbing issues like sexual assault, feminism, ailment, masculinity, drug abuse featuring: Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo, Enechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo Odiong Kate, Simileoluwa Oyewale, Nifemi Akinde ,Kingsley Okoro).

1:20 Mins

Lagos Dance Gathering, Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Theatre Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
Theatre Republic, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Surulere and Iwaya, Lagos Nigeria


Premiered in Ajeliye compound, Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Book and Art Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
Awca block party, Broad street Lagos, Nigeria


is a dance piece with high social relevance. The dance piece talks about the struggles of young people growing up in Nigeria, where it was inspired and created. The body movements in this dance piece draw inspiration from daily life experience in Nigeria; surviving in a ghetto, looking for shelter, bumping inside Danfo (minibus), being robbed on your way home, looking for a job after a degree from higher institution … Basically, the performance delves into the current socio-political and economic crisis from the perspective of the performers. The dance piece involves a team of three dancers and two sound artists. It mainly utilizes abstract physical movements with a blend of simple musical instruments (guitar, bell,  gourd gong, empty water bottle…) and, more importantly, the sound created by the performance space( featuring: Ojudun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo, Enechukwu Uche, Babatunde Ojo Nifemi Akinde).


25 Mins



Lagos Dance Gathering, Lagos, Nigeria


TruFesta, Freedom Park, Lagos, Nigeria
Bariga Open Air Festival (BOAT), Lagos, Nigeria
University of Lagos conference Hall, Lagos, Nigeria
Footprints of David Academy Festival (FODAF), Lagos, Nigeria



Premiere, Sabo Market, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Dancing Cities, Lagos, Nigeria

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contact us

No, 33 Obadiah Street off Community Road, Akoka, Yaba. Lagos, Nigeria.
Mobile: +234 703 3205 200
Karl-Marx-Straße 282, 12057 Berlin
+49 152 10596839

Instagram: Illuminatetheatre
Facebook: Illuminatetheatre

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